Point guard
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Born- December. 31, 1988 in Sète (France

Joyce is a point guard, who organize her team very well. With her experience, she reads game, always playing for her teammates, trying to make them better. She is excellent passer, she attacks aggressive basket, also great shooter. She takes her responsibility in important parts of game. 


Date Club Stats
2004-2005 Lattes Maurin Montpellier (LFB) 7 games: 1.3ppg
2005-2006 Lattes Maurin Montpellier (LFB) 8 games: 6pts
2006-2007 Loaned to Union Lyon Basket Feminin (NF1)
2007-2008 Pays d'Aix Basket 13 Provence (LFB) EuroCup: 5 games: 1.4ppg; French League: 16 games: 1pts
2008-2009 Cote d'Opale Basket Calais (LFB) 25 games: 4.6ppg, 1.8rpg, 2.0apg, 1.0spg
2009-2010 Cote d'Opale Basket Calais (LFB, starting five) 25 games 27min 10.6ppg 2.7rpg 3.8apg 55%2PT 42.4%2PT 80.3%FT
2010-2011 Nantes-Rezé Basket (LFB) Eurocup 12 games 21,4min 8.8ppg 2.6rpg 2.8apg 65.5%2PT 42.9%3PT 75%FT French League: 19 games 6.2ppg 2.0rpg 2.2apg 43.8%2PT 50%3PT 100%FT
2011-2012 Arras Pays d'Artois (LFB, starting five) Eurocup: 10 games 21.1min 8.0ppg 3.3rpg 1.9apg 45.9%2PT 39.4%3PT 77.8%FT French League: 25 games 24.9min 7.7ppg 4.0rpg 1.9apg 45.6%2PT 34.3%3PT 87.9%FT
2012-2013 Tarbes Gespe Bigorre (LFB) Eurocup 8 games 26.1min 9.6ppg 2.1rpg 2.8apg 41%2PT 33.3%3PT 78.3%FT French League 30 games 21.4min 7.1ppg 1.8rpg 1.9apg 42%2PT 26.5%3PT 84.3%FT
2013-2014 Tarbes Gespe Bigorre (LFB) Eurocup: 6 games 29.7min 10.2ppg 4.2rpg 3.3apg 48.9%2PT 25%3PT 75%FT French League: 14 games 31.4min 9.1ppg 4.1rpg 4.1apg 38.3%2PT 34.8%3PT 75%FT
2014-2015 Tarbes Gespe Bigorre (France, LFB) 2 9 games 21.7min 8.0ppg 2.9rpg 2.4apg 48.6%2PT 33.7%3PT 93.1%FT
2015-2016 Hainaut Basket (France, LFB) 25 games 28.8 min 9.6 ppg 44.7% 2PT 27.8% 3PT 80.3% FT 3.8 rpg 4.4 apg 1.5 ST
2016-2017 Hainaut Basket (France, LFB) 23 games 31.8min 9.1ppg 5.3apg 3.rpg 44.8%2PT 38.2%3PT 88%FT
2017-2018 Nice Cavigal (France, LFB) 2 games 22min 8ppg 405rpg 205apg 80%2PT 20%3PT 100%FT
2017-2018 (in december 17 moved to) ESBVALM Villeneuve (France, LFB) ELW Euroleague 8 games 23min 5.0ppg 2.6rpg 2.1apg 25%2PT 40%3PT
2018-2019 Landerneau Bretagne Basket (France, LFB, starting five) 21 games 27.2min 9.3ppg 4.4apg 3.9rpg 50.6%2PT 34.2%3PT 80%FT
2019-2020 IDKEustroten (Spain LFB) 14 games 25.4min 5.9ppg 3.0apg 2.6rpg 1.0spg 43.6%2PT 26.7%3PT 100%FT
2020-2021 IDK Eustotren (Spain LFB) 29 games 25.6 min 7.4ppg 2.7rpg 2.4apg 48.5%2PT 38.0%3PT
2021-2022 Lions Rheinland (Germany, DBBL)
Team Infos
French U16 National Team -04
French Cup Semifinals - 06
Eurobasket All-French LFB Most Improved Player of the Year - 10
Eurobasket French LFB All-Domestic Players Team - 10
Eurocup Quaterfinals - 11, 12
French Cup winner - 12
Eurobasket All-French LFB Honorable Mention - 19
Description Video
ELW 17/18 Villeneuve vs Galatasarat
ELW 17/18 Villeneuve vs USK Prague
LFB 18/19 Charleville Carolo vs Landerneau
LFB 18/19 Roche vs Landerneau
2020/21 Highltights