JORET Margot #1

Point guard
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Margot JORET #1

1m68 – France

Born  October 27, 1993  in Saint-Claude  (France)

Margot is a point guard, who can play as a position 2 also. She manage her team, put the good rhythm. Margot is a great shooter, especially 3pts. SHe is playing hard defense with a lot of pressure on and off the all.

Date Club Stats
2011-2012 Challes-les-Eaux (LFB) 4 games
2012-2013 US Laveyron (France, LF2) 18 games 7.5ppg 2.7rpg 2.2apg 1.4spg 43.7%2PT 19.6%3PT 78%FT
2013-2014 Charnay Basket (France, LF2) 4.3ppg 1.8rpg 1.6apg 1.6spg
2014-2015 Charnay Basket (France, LF2) 24 games 4.0ppg 1.2rpg 1.6apg 1.1spg
2015-2016 Charnay Basket (France, LF2) 22 games 4.8ppg 1.5rpg 1.9apg 1.5spg
2016-2017 Charnay Basket (France, NF1)
2017-2018 Didnt play (Injury)
2018-2019 Voiron (France, NF1)
2019-2020 AS Villeurbanne (France, NF1 starting five)
2020-2021 AS Villeurbanne (France, NF1 starting five)
2021-2022 AS Villeurbanne (France, NF1)
Team Infos
French U20 National Team - 13
French NF1 Champion - 17