ANDELOVA Gabriela #1

Point guard
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Gabriela ANDELOVA #1


Czech- Born March 21, 1996 in Pelhrimov (Czech Republic)

Gabriela is internationational pointguard, who loves to run the floor. She puts a lot pressure in full court defense and in offense she always push her team to play fast. She reads well the game, she knows how to play for her teammates, but she takes a responsibility for herself too (very good drive to basket, great shooter mid range and 3pts). Gabi is able to play as a position 2.

Date Club Stats
2021-2022 Piestanske Cajky (Slovakia, Extraliga)
2020-2021 Royals Saarlouis (Germany DBBL) 20 games 23.3min 6.9ppg 2.1apg 36.4%2PT 33.3%3PT 65.2%FT 1.1spg
2019-2020 Valosun KP Brno (Czech Rep. ZBL) 22 games 26.4min 11.0ppg 3.0apg 3.6rpg 47.7%2PT 36.4%3PT 65.4%FT Eurocup : 6 games 5.5ppg 3.0rpg 3.8apg 1.7spg 40.9%2PT 11.1%3PT 56.3%FT
2018-2019 Valosun KP Brno (Czech Rep. ZBL) Injuried
2017-2018 Valosun KP Brno (Czech Rep. ZBL) 33 games 9.5ppg 3.0apg 3.6rpg 1.2spg 45.6%2PT 35.9%3PT 70.1%FT Eurocup : 5 games 6.4ppg 2.4apg 2.0rpg 39.1%2PT 13.3%3PT 88.9%FT
2016-2017 Hradec Kralove (Czech Rep. ZBL) 31 games 7.6ppg 2.6rpg 1.9apg 1.2spg 43.2%2PT 37.5%3PT 89.2%FT
Team Infos
European championship in France -21
Czech Republic National Team 19 – 20
Czech Republic Cup Winner – 18
Czech Rep. U20 NT – 15, 16
Czech Rep. U18 NT – 13, 14
Czech Rep. U16 NT – 12
Czech Rep. ZBL Finalist – 15, 17, 18
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